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Welcome to my website. I like to play with computers as a hobby. This is a log of personal projects that I have done for my reference and for anyone else to look through too. I hope you find something useful!

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Google Calendar API - Apps Script

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Considering how long they've been around, working with iCal's in the browser is surprisingly difficult. When working with data from Google Calendar, we can use Google's Apps Script to create an API, that will let us pull exactly what we desire down from a Google Calendar.

Static Website - Github Pages

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You don't always need a full stack. When all you need to do is show information, a static website is enough. And with Github Pages, it is possible to have a fully functioning website for free, just like this one! It could just be the perfect solution for your portfolio page.

Raspberry Pi 5 - Desktop Computer

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This is less of a guide, and more just an outline of how, and why, I'm doing it. As well as a review of how it's going. It's not here as clickbait, you might not want to do it yourself, but I'm here to say that it's working for me.

GPi Case 2

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The GPi Case 2 with Raspberry Pi's Compute Module 4 is the ultimate portable gaming device. The case offers amazing functionality, and when combined with a CM4 and 64-bit Recalbox, there is little that can challenge it for a portable retro gaming experience.

RetroPie NesPi 4

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The Raspberry Pi 4, with Retroflag's NesPi 4 Case, running RetroPie is the ultimate retro gaming rig. Low power consumption? Check. Light gun games? You got it. Great customisation options? Of course. Did you know you can even use a wiimote as the stylus for the Drastic Nintendo DS Emulator?? Did I hear someone say Wario Ware?

Media Keyboard - Pico Controller

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My keyboard doesn't include the media keys, so I built a macro keyboard to control the media on my desktop computer. It is plug'n'play and requires no configuration to work between different devices. The project can be easily tweaked to program macro's for work, steam games, and whatever else you can't be bothered to type out manually.

KDE Plasma Bigscreen

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I built this media centre at the start of 2024. There may be easier methods of installation by now. When I built this project, existing guides mentioned an installation image on KDE's bigscreen page, however, it doesn't seem to exist currently, except for a manjaro image, and I prefer to stick to Raspberry Pi's own debian OS when I can, especially that it ensures the best compatibility with things like cases and accessories.